Altrincham and Sale West polluted by sewage 798 times in 2022 - lasting 2,889 hours

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Totals for Altrincham and Sale West in 2022
14 Sites polluted by United Utilities
798 sewage dumps
2,889 h duration
That's 4.01 months. On average 2.2 times a day

Pollution Summary 2022

Here are all the reported sewage overflow totals for Altrincham and Sale West in 2022. Sometimes sewage can be being dumped for months at a time.

Company Waterway Site Sewage Dumps Duration (Hours) Reporting %
United Utilities Sinderland Brook ALTRINCHAM STW 57 829 100
United Utilities River Bollin PARK ROAD ARTHOG ROAD CSO 452LS 134 505 100
United Utilities Manchester Ship Canal PARKGATE FARM (WARBURTON) CSO 145 504 90.4
United Utilities Timperley Brook OAKFIELD ST COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOW 55 318 33.4
United Utilities River Bollin POOL BANK FARM BOWDON CSO 452L6 92 309 99
United Utilities River Bollin Via Sws DUNHAM MASSEY OUTFALL CSO (451SS) 35 109 98.1
United Utilities Timperley Brook GOLF ROAD PUMPING STATION 54 92 70.8
United Utilities Stromford Brook Via Sws MANOR AVENUE CSO (45056) 64 76 100
United Utilities River Bollin BARROW LANE CSO (451G7) 43 47 100
United Utilities Stromford Brk Rvr Mersey THE AVENUE SYPHON CSO 452UO 48 47 100
United Utilities Timperley Brook STAMFORD NEW ROAD CSO 53 35 99.9
United Utilities Sinderland Brook ALTRINHAM WWTW HIGH LEVEL OVERFLOW 11 10 100
United Utilities Stromford Brook MANOR AVENUE/FIRS ROAD CSO 6 2 92.8
United Utilities Timperley Brook BALFOUR ROAD CSO 1 0 100
United Utilities River Bollin CHAPEL LANE 0 0 0
United Utilities Timperley Brook HAWTHORN ROAD CSO 451YJ 0 0 96.8
United Utilities River Bollin Via Sws CECIL ROAD/ASHLEY ROAD CSO 0 0 100
United Utilities River Bollin DUNHAM MASSEY STW 0 0 0

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